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Create and share interactive reports, presentations and personal stories.

Microsoft Sway is a professional digital storytelling app for business that helps you and your colleagues express ideas using an interactive, web-based canvas. Microsoft Sway's built-in design engine helps you produce professional, visually-appealing reports, presentations, and more without the need for extensive formatting or additional training. You can also modify the results to get the unique look and feel you want. Microsoft Sway makes your creation look great in any browser on any screen, and it can be shared with colleagues and customers by simply sending a link. Microsoft Sway helps you find and pull together all sorts of content without leaving the app, so you can drag and drop your images, text, videos, and charts right on to your canvas.

Sway (o365)
Full NameMicrosoft Sway
Short NameSway
DescriptionCreate and share interactive reports, presentations and personal stories