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 Full Name: Microsoft Visio Online or Visio Pro for Office 365  Full Name: Microsoft Visio Online or Visio Pro for Office 365 
 Short Name: Visio Short Name: Visio
 +Icon [image::​25]:​ {{ :​office365:​Visio.png }}
 Description:​ Work visually. Diagramming made simple. Description:​ Work visually. Diagramming made simple.
 Blog [link]: https://​www.microsoft.com/​en-us/​microsoft-365/​blog/​visio/​ Blog [link]: https://​www.microsoft.com/​en-us/​microsoft-365/​blog/​visio/​
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 </​jumbotron> ​ </​jumbotron> ​
-Links:+<callout title="​External links:">
   * https://​products.office.com/​en-us/​visio/​flowchart-software   * https://​products.office.com/​en-us/​visio/​flowchart-software
   * https://​products.office.com/​en-us/​visio/​visio-online-plan-2   * https://​products.office.com/​en-us/​visio/​visio-online-plan-2
 +  * https://​support.office.com/​en-us/​article/​visio-training-e058bcfa-1d90-4653-afc6-e84d54cf94a6
 +</​callout> ​
-{{tag>​o365 ​    ​}}+{{tag>​o365 ​desktop online ​   ​}}