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 Full Name: Microsoft To-Do Full Name: Microsoft To-Do
 Short Name: To-Do Short Name: To-Do
 +Icon [image::​25]:​ {{ :​office365:​todo.png }}
 Description:​ Get stuff done, every day Description:​ Get stuff done, every day
 Blog [link]: https://​techcommunity.microsoft.com/​t5/​Microsoft-To-Do-Blog/​bg-p/​To-DoBlog Blog [link]: https://​techcommunity.microsoft.com/​t5/​Microsoft-To-Do-Blog/​bg-p/​To-DoBlog
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 </​jumbotron> ​ </​jumbotron> ​
-Links:+<callout title="​External links:">
   * https://​to-do.microsoft.com   * https://​to-do.microsoft.com
-  * +  * https://​support.office.com/​en-us/​article/​create-and-share-lists-4e5aeac6-8649-4813-aae5-2c2ddea2f292