Prompt Engineer

A prompt engineer is someone who designs and develops prompts, which are instructions or tasks that guide users or systems to perform certain actions or behaviors. For example, a prompt engineer may create prompts for a chatbot, a voice assistant, a game, or a learning platform. A prompt engineer needs to have skills in natural language processing, user experience design, and domain knowledge. A prompt engineer also needs to follow ethical and safety guidelines to ensure that the prompts are respectful, appropriate, and beneficial for the users and the systems.

Prompt Engineer (role)
TitlePrompt Engineer
DescriptionA prompt engineer is someone who designs and develops prompts, which are instructions or tasks that guide users or systems to perform certain actions or behaviors.
Prompt Engineering Roadmap
Language Models

Understand the basics of language models, their architecture, and use cases.

Prompt Types

Study single-turn and multi-turn prompts, and their applications.

  • Instructional Prompts
  • Socratic Prompts
  • Priming Prompts
  • Mixed Prompts
  • Example-Based Prompts
  • Single-Sentence Prompts
  • Open-Ended Prompts
  • Closed-Ended Prompts
  • Contextual Prompts
  • System-Level Instructions
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Prompts
  • Comparison Prompts
  • Analogy Prompts
  • Multi-Turn Conversations
  • Code Generation Prompts
  • Summarization Prompts
  • Explanation Prompts
  • Storytelling Prompts
  • Domain-Specific Prompts
  • Negation or Reverse Prompts
  • Clarification Prompts
  • Evaluation Prompts
  • Conditional Prompts
  • Translation or Language Conversion
  • Imitation Prompts
Effective Prompts

Learn to craft clear and context-rich prompts for accurate responses.

Prompting Techniques:

  • Role Prompting
  • Few Shot Prompting
  • Chain of Thought
  • Zero Shot Chain of Thought
  • Least to Most Prompting
  • Dual Prompt Approach
  • Combining Techniques
  • Direct Question Prompting
  • Instructional Prompts
  • Contextual Prompts
  • System-Level Instructions
  • Completion Prompts
  • Comparison and Analogy Prompts
  • Storytelling Prompts
  • Summarization Prompts
  • Code Generation Prompts
  • Exploration Prompts
  • Clarification Prompts
  • Conditional Prompts
  • Opinion or Evaluation Prompts
  • Translation and Language Conversion
  • Imitation or Emulation
  • Question Chain Prompts
  • Interpretation Prompts
  • Problem-Solving Prompts
  • Reverse or Negation Prompts
  • Socratic Questioning

Practice adding context-setting instructions for specific outputs.

  • Contextual Question Prompts
  • Background Information Integration
  • Scenario-Based Prompts
  • Historical Contextualization
  • Past Interaction References
  • Progressive Context Addition
  • Sequential Conversation Simulation
  • Domain-Specific Contextualization
  • Comparative Context Application
  • Contextual Clarification Seeking
  • Real-World Application Illustration
  • Case Study Contextualization
  • Temporal Context Incorporation
  • Contextual Condition Setting
  • Multimodal Context Enrichment
  • Interactive Contextual Probing
  • Emotionally Charged Contextualization
  • Contextual Change Scenarios
  • Cultural or Geographic Contextualization
  • Contextual Constraints Introduction

Evaluate generated responses for relevance, accuracy, and biases.

  • Benchmark Testing
  • Human Evaluation
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • Contextual Relevance Analysis
  • Bias Detection and Mitigation
  • Response Consistency Check
  • Abstraction and Specificity Analysis
  • Diverse Input Variation Testing
  • Scenario Simulation Validation
  • Domain Expert Review
  • User Feedback Analysis
  • Generalization Test Cases
  • Limitation Exploration
  • Adversarial Testing
  • Intent Misinterpretation Detection
  • Evaluation Metrics Comparison
  • Ethical Implications Review
  • Sensitivity to Instruction Tweaks
  • Model Behavior Profiling
  • Feedback Loop Implementation
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