SharePoint Modernization Scanner

What is SharePoint modernization scanner?

SharePoint Modernization scanner you can prepare your classic sites for modernization. The scanner will help you prepare for the following modernization efforts:
  • Optimizing the usage of modern list and libraries
  • Connecting these sites to a Microsoft 365 group
  • Modernizing the wiki and web part pages by creating modern site pages
  • Rebuilding classic publishing portals as modern publishing portals
  • Understanding where InfoPath is being used
  • Understanding the usage of classic blog pages

This scanner is a key tool to use if you want to prepare for modernizing your classic sites as it will give you factual data about how easy it is to modernize your sites. Using the dashboards generated by the scanner you'll be able to drill down on the “modernization readiness” of your sites and plan the needed remediation work where needed.

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