SharePoint Development

Collaboration Portal, Search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) , Business process management (BPM) and Business intelligence (BI). Is It an Application, a Platform, or a Framework?

SharePoint as a platform
SPFx ExtensionsSPFxPower BIGraph APIPower AutomateSPFx Client Side Solutions
Alternate CSSPowerApps RESTWebhooksPnP Provisioning
Themes CSOM & JSOM Workflows 2010/2013 Add-ins
JS Injection
Composed Look
  • Sites - Sites, site templates, master pages, site pages
  • Social - Search customization, rating and tagging capabilities, blogs, wikis, metadata tags
  • Content - Apps, workflows, Word or Excel Services
  • Search - SharePoint Search, Search customization, Business Data Connectivity (BDC)
  • Insights - Dashboards, Excel Services, Access Services, BDC, PerformancePoint Services, (Power BI)
  • Interoperability - BDC, Apps for Office, custom development
  • Branding - Configuration, master pages and customized applications
  • Apps model
  • CSR
  • CSOM
  • REST/Client side
  • Server side
  • Design manager
  • Display templates
  • Workflows
  • Access
  • OAuth
  • Office UI Fabrics

Custom Development

  • Automated Workflows
  • Portals
  • Collboration
  • BPM
  • Forms
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Reports
  • BI
  • Marketplace (3rd party)

Low-code approach to SharePoint…

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